ModelGoon 3.0.0 Beta – Searching for ideas

I am currently working on the third major version of ModelGoon which will include an overall classes communication view.

What do I mean by overall classes communication view?

When you are looking at a Class Diagram, you only see the structural aspect of the classes : classes attributes and methods, associations, inheritance. The goal of this other point of view is to show how does a class interact with other, what are the messages sent by a class to another.

What is it for?

It allows an overview of classes responsibilities (check out the GRASP patterns), or to give clues about dynamic behavior of a selected section of an application.

At this time this feature’s logic is totally implemented, but I am searching for ideas. I could just  use the UML2 Communication diagram (without the sequence numbers) or enhance the class diagram to show those interactions. If anyone has an idea or a preference, please contact me or comment this post.

Here is a screenshot of the result with a Class Diagram. A Beta version is available on Google Code for installation inside the dropins folder.

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