Why another UML plugin for Eclipse?

ModelGoon is not a UML modeler, but just an UML point of view above the Java source code. I will still use UMLet for drawing purpose and the Eclipse Modeling Tools for implementing full MDA platforms.

I will use ModelGoon to check the cyclic dependencies in my Packages layout, to help me understand other’s code, to document my applications and maybe for building them in a visual and Agile way… Hope it helps.

What’s the difference between ModelGoon’s package dependencies analysis and JDepend Eclipse plugin?

Technically, JDepend uses compiled class file in order to compute the dependencies and provide lots of informations about packages… but not in a graphical way as ModelGoon. JDepend is still in my development toolbox.

Is ModelGoon a MDA tool?

No. It’s just an UML viewer and editor above the JDT. It doesn’t rely on the UML2 metamodel.

Will ModelGoon be able to generate code?

At this time, I don’t plan to generate code. Therefore, I will provide the ability to edit code in a graphical manner from the diagram view throughout the JDT.

Is ModelGoon supported by a company?

Absolutely not. I developed ModelGoon at night and during the week ends.