ModelGoon brings the power of visual models in a Java development. It is intended for developers during implementation activities. ModelGoon provides actually three diagram which are built directly from the java sources.

ModelGoon is tightly connected to the Eclipse’s JDT, thus the code is the model. This is why diagrams created with ModelGoon always reflect the application’s source code. ModelGoon is a lightweight tool (depends only on GEF ) , and doesn’t pollute the sources with annotation or proprietary comments.

At its current state, ModelGoon can be used for documentation purposes or for figuring out the static and dynamic structure of an existing application.

Here are the available diagrams :

  • Package Dependencies Diagram : shows the dependencies between packages and highlights circular dependencies
  • Class Diagram : shows a structural view of user selected classes and allows the user to navigate from the diagram’s elements to the corresponding Java element in the source code
  • Interaction Diagram : based on the UML communication diagram, shows overall interactions between objects.

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ModelGoon is brought to you by Riana Ralambomanana. Contributors are welcome to join the project.


ModelGoon is under the Eclipse Public License v1.